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Private White is a Top Quality retailer with superior designed outerwear, directly from the factory in Manchester, England.  This English wander is making coats since 1853! with testimonials like David Beckham and Jaguar!


We perform a full platform migration from Magento to Shopify, maintaining a good 90% of the original design, improving the remaining 10% with more user-friendly solutions. A platform migration to Shopify, Especially Magento to Shopify, can be really painful!
In the end, the client was even surprised about how smooth and clean was the process! Thanks as well to their amazing and skilled stuff
We started defining the final design of the new Shopify website deciding where was possible to improve it, and where we needed to adapt it in order to follow the Shopify specifications. The website is designed over a Free Shopify theme ( Debut ) fully customized from top to end. We worked on a fully adaptive product page that could process normal order, pre-orders and Sold outs at the same time.
But how you probably know, the nightmare of any platform transition ( not only Migration from Magento to Shopify ) is the data migration. Rivki, now part of our Freelance network, nailed this process!
I have to say that was a pleasure working with Private White, and we will certainly maintain a long term relationship with this company.
Check out their products as they are really TOP quality!

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This project received:  5 STARS out of 5

Google Reviews Freelancer Web Designer in London

Marco & his team are extremely organized it is truly a pleasure to work with them.They recently migrated our Magento store to Shopify. I found them highly skilled & professional when it comes to both design & functionality. Marco does not compromise on anything and finds out of the box solutions for all requests. It has been the best migration experience!