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V.good people want no nasties. No artificial fillers. No ingredients that make you wonder why they’re there. No bottles. No tubs. No pill boxes. No questionnaires. Just the essentials your body really needs. Delivered in simple, smart packaging which you’re proud to have on your countertop and in your hand.

Shopify Freelancer Developer – PROJECT DESCRIPTION

When Max contacted me and showed the brand concepts I understood that this website was going to be one the most original and creative that I ever designed. I enjoyed the process, we decided to use Shogun and thanks to my previous experience we could move beyond what Shogun is designed for, we developed some custom parts of the template as required and create totally different versions ( because of the unique design ) for Desktop tablet and mobile. The result is amazing, this website really looks different and modern!

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This project received:  5 STARS out of 5

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