Shopify 2.0 offers some incredible new functionalities to store owners and one of those is without any doubt the “Section Everywhere” feature. Section Everywhere in Shopify means you will be able to add as many custom pages as you want, using a set of sections “blocks” available for you to be added and reused as many times you want. This gives extreme flexibility to the store owner and it overcomes the major limitation of Shopify 1.0.

This means that creating a news section or modifying an existing one is a true investment, as you will be able to reuse it as many times as you want almost everywhere in your store.
Here where comes our expertise, during Shopify 1.0 we mastered our “full controls” approach where we give our client control over every element we develop for Dekstop and mobile. Controls as font size, paddings, spacings, colour, background colours, and more.

  • Create new custom Shopify 2.0 blocks
  • Modify existing Shopify 2.0 blocks adding new features or controls
  • add new functions and fields to your products
  • Customize cart
  • Add Shopify multi-currency
  • Customize navigation and mega menu
  • Add control over elements of your theme